DDH-160 – Presses for the Canning Industry

Dual flywheel and motor

  • The result – Torque  improvement over the entire speed range.  Dual brakes yield a reduction in the brake angle. The realized balanced load on the main crank reduces  overall vibration and therefore minimizes bearing and component wear.

Dynamic Balanced Counter Weight

  • The dynamic balancer counteracts the weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by the reciprocating motion.  This is another factor in the reduction of overall vibration.

Slide Quick Lift

  • The slide quick lift is 80mm for both slides.  This advantage saves time when accessing the tool is required. The slide accurately returns to the original set point by the push of the return button.

8 Points of Crank Support with Hydro-Dynamic Bearings

  • The bearings and hydro-dynamic bushings are incorporated to minimize clearance buildup.
  • Accurate BDC and minimal bearing wear is the result.

Guiding System of Slide

  • The main push rods help isolate the slide from angular front-to-rear offset loads. 8 square guide gibs are located on outer slide. This concept absorbs the sideward thrust during stamping. Longer push rods and bushings on the inner slide maintain the verticality. 6 bearings at both sides maintain the vertical movement accuracy of the slide.


  •  Tonnage:  160ton
  • Tonnage Rating:  6.5mm
  • Speed:  100 – 350spm
  • Stroke of Slide: Inner 125mm Outer 50mm
  • Shut height:       Inner 642.5mm Outer 485mm
  • Slide Area:         Inner 1720 x 470mm
  • Outer 2200 x 920mm
  • Bed Area:  2200 x 1300mm
  • Shut height Adjustment:  25mm
  • Slide Quick Lift:  80mm
  • Main Motor:  40HP 6P x 2