H-125 – Presses for the Canning Industry

2 Set Casting Frames

  • The guiding holes are cast at bed frame and machined at the same time to ensure verticality.  Flat and machined each side of bed frame, easy to mount feeding equipment on press.

Wider Side Opening

  • 600mm side opening, allow tabstrip off center.

6 Points of Crank Supporting & Hydro-Dynamic Bushing

  • Bearings and hydro-dynamic bushings are applied to minimize clearance.  Hydro-dynamic bushings maintain accurate BDC

Dynamic Balanced Counter Weight

  • Dynamic balancer offsets the weight of the upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocation.  Therefore, vibration due to the reciprocating masses are negligible.

Slide Quick Lift

  • Slide quick lift is 70mm.  Saving time to solve tooling  problems. The Slide returns to the original height and BDC is maintained without readjusting.

7 Points of Temperature Detection

  • Temperature detection at bushings of crank, connection rod and counter balancer to monitor press operation.

Shut Height Adjustment

  • Shut height adjusts up to 10mm by changing bolster height manually .  Micro change to 0.01mm.  Removing the adjustment from the Plunger minimizes overall clearance.

Guiding  System of Slide

  • Enlarged and longer plungers  keep the verticality and isolate the slide from angular front-to-rear movement of connection rods.
  • 8 square guide gibs are applied to absorb the sideward thrust during stamping, also counteract large eccentric load stamping.


  • Tonnage:  125ton
  • Tonnage Rating:  3.2mm
  • Speed:  200 – 700spm @40mm Stroke
  • Speed:  200 – 750spm @35mm Stroke
  • Shut height: 380mm
  • Slide Area:  1400 x 900mm
  • Bed Area: 1400 x 1000mm
  • Shut height Adjustment:  10mm
  • Slide Quick Lift:  70mm
  • Main Motor:  50HP 4P