SST Civic Series 25/45

Higher rigid frame structure assures lower change of frame shape. Special crank design with lower clearance can effectively decrease heat expansion. Special plunger guide and 2 post guides design, and dynamic balancer assures high precision and stable slide performance. Microcomputer control with intelligent function is easy to operate.

Frame of Cast Iron and Excellent Design of Structure

  • 1 set of massive frame resist deflection and reduce vibration. Reciprocating accuracy of bottom-dead center is kept within 0.002mm.

Dynamically Balanced Device

  • Dynamically balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced by reciprocation.

4 Points of Crank Supporting

  • 2 bearings and 2 copper bushings are both applied to resist wear throughout years.

Eccentric Shaft

  • Less deflection and more power output are the advantage.

Aluminum Alloy Air Clutch

  • Aluminum alloy air clutch has the advantage of high torque and low inertia.

High Rigid & Low Inertia Slide

  • Enhance strength, but light weight and lower inertia.

Hydraulic Locking Device Of Screw Rod

  • Hydraulic locking device of screw rod eliminates the clearance to keep reciprocating accuracy.

Plunger & Dual-Guide-Post

  • Static pressure design is applied at plunger & guide posts. Because of high pressure supporting and none wear, keep verticality throughout years.

Gap Enclosure

  • Gap enclosure design can decrease gap open during stamping to increase die service life.

Circulating Device Of Lubrication

  • All components are lubricated to prevent from wear by pump of high pressure.