SST Saga II Series 120/160/220

Dual-Crank Straight-Side

Dual-Guide-Post Press
The Saga applies double guide posts to reduce gap opening and gap action and ensure stamping quality and service life. Slide piston of Saga isolates left-to-right movement of connect rod to ensure verticality. Bushings are welded and have the smallest clearance while guide posts symmetrically absorb thrust. Therefore, parallelism & verticality can reach JIS special grade. Saga applies oil layer in slide piston to ensure the press stops immediately if an overload occurrs. Moreover, overload oil is released automatically to protect the press and tool from damage. Tool jam can be released easily.

Machine Specifications
TYPE Saga-120 II Saga-160 II
Max. Capacity tons 120 160
Limit of Capacity tons 5 6
Slide Stroke mm
120 200
140 220
Press Speed S.P.M
40-70 30-50
30-55 30-45
Shutheight mm 350 400
Area of Bolster mm 1660 x 680 1860 x 760
Bolster Thickness mm 140 160
Area of Slide mm 1600 x 520 1800 x 580
Slide Adjustment mm 90 100
Main Motor hp 15 15
Dimension of Press
Height of Press (A) mm 2770 2990
Height for Operation (B) mm 890 910
Height for Scrap Out (C) mm 200 150
Width of Press (D) mm 2100 2340
Depth of Press (E) mm 1700 1900
Net Weight tons 14 19
TYPE Saga-220 II
Max. Capacity tons 220
Limit of Capacity tons 6
Slide Stroke mm
160 250
Press Speed S.P.M
25-50 25-40
Shutheight mm 450
Area of Bolster mm 2160 x 840
Bolster Thickness mm 180
Area of Slide mm 2100 x 650
Slide Adjustment mm 120
Main Motor hp 20
Dimension of Press
Height of Press (A) mm 3300 3800
Height for Operation (B) mm 1000 1130
Height for Scrap Out (C) mm 150 150
Width of Press (D) mm 2680 2980
Depth of Press (E) mm 2100 2300
Net Weight tons 23 32
  • Dual-Crank Straight-Side Dual-Guide-Post Press
  • One-Piece Straight-Side Frame:
    Because of its one-piece frame, deflection that is found in conventional Gap Frame presses is eliminated. Thereby keeping the ram parallel throughout the stroke. This improves the life of the tool compared to conventional Gap Frame presses. The shorter frame height reduces thermal deflection and is more convenient to service in the press room.
  • Plunger & Dual-Guide Posts:
    The plunger isolates the slide from angular movement of the connecting rod to keep the ram more vertical. Parallelism to bolster is thereby more accurate. Rear guideposts completely absorb the eccentric load from the die. Compared with the slope center of a Gib Press which is at the center of the Gib, the slope center of the Saga press is located at the material position which decreases the variance in the stamping process.
  • Overload Protection Device:
    Saga presses are equipped with a Hydraulic Overload Protector. The press stops immediately in the event of an overload. The Overload device is designed into the plunger‘s structure. Oil leaks out directly when overloads occur. This stops the slide from having continued pressure on the die. Compared to the conventional Gap Frame presses, this design allows the oil to return to the reservoir.
  • Link Drive Structure (option):
    Slide decelerates from 120º to reduce immediate impact of stamping. Process time is 3 times comparable with the original crank design. Therefore, the noise and vibration of the stamping process decreases. This improves the precision of the stamping product.
  • Refrigerant Cooling System:
    A remote cooling system is used to keep the lubricating oil at steady temperatures. This helps in keeping frame expansion to 0.05 mm.