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SST is proud to offer a complete line of presses, each delivering a performance value unmatched in the Americas. With tonnages ranging from 15 to 450 tons and bed sizes up to 2500 mm Left to Right, we are able to offer a press perfectly matched to your production requirement. We also offer a complete line of auxiliary equipment including but not limited to pay-offs (horizontal and vertical), strip straighteners, servo feeders, strip lubricators, take-up equipment, strip welders and vision systems.

Industrial Presses – Feature list

  • Standard Industrial Presses
  • Industrial Canning Presses
  • Industrial Straighteners
  • Complete Lines of Industrial Presses and Accessories
SST was formed to satisfy a market requirement. Put simply, SST provides a solution for those projects where the total parts required and available funds dictate the use of a mechanically sound press offered at a remarkable price.
This solution may be available elsewhere on a cash and carry basis which is fine if you like making your own spare parts. We all know that from time to time the worst happens and our  valuable equipment is damaged. SST is based in Ridgefield, NJ. Should the need arise, we are just a phone call away. We will discuss your technical questions with your in detail and dispatch a service technician if required.
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